Paul Ryan Drops Bombshell Plans To Stab Trump In Back And Retire From Congress

Source: Youtube Screenshot

Paul Ryan is at it again and this time it is really bad. According to a new bombshell report from very very credible sources, Paul Ryan is planning on stepping down after 2018.

But not before he stabs Trump in the back one last time.

According to Politico, Paul Ryan will continue to run for his seat that is up for reelection in 2018 so he can continue to raise money to hold over members heads.

“The speaker can’t afford to admit he’s a lame-duck—his fundraising capacity and dealmaking leverage would be vastly diminished, making the House all the more difficult to govern. “

And he has big plans for his last year in office.

Paul Ryan’s dream has always been to gut Social Security and Medicare.  And with the tax plan set to pass soon, which should be a huge accomplishment, Paul wants to screw it up by going after entitlements.

Now you can argue that certain parts of social security disability are being abused and there is some money that could be saved there and not many will disagree.

Certainly not President Trump who has said himself that he wants to look at the abuses of the welfare system. But Trump promised to keep the GOP and the Democrats away from Social Security and Medicare.

Unlike both Obama and Bush who wanted to go “reform” those programs.

Going after Medicare and Social Security is a trap that will blow up in the face of anyone who tries it. And Paul Ryan seems to think he can get Trump to walk into it.

Paul Ryan has not learned the lesson of the last election when Trump ran against both parties and America responded like we never have before.

Because both political parties have failed us.

Like Paul Ryan, who wants to “reform” programs seniors have PAID into their entire lives.

According to the bombshell report:

“Tinkering with the social safety net is a bold undertaking, particularly in an election year. But Ryan has good reason for throwing caution to the wind: His time in Congress is running short.”

But president Trump is not quitting – he is running in 2020 and he may be the victim of the damage this move by Paul Ryan could cause.

The story is credible and the sources are real and it is not beyond Paul Ryan to do this because he has always been a member of the swamp.

And don’t be surprised if he lands some high paying job in the swamp. Don’t be surprised at all.


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