Powerful New Ivanka Trump Ad: Her Father’s Plans For American Families, Women’s Pay, Family Leave and Childcare


If there is anyone we respect and love as much as Donald Trump it’s Ivanka Trump. She is the epitome of everything you could look for in a modern woman.  A top business leader, entrepreneur, mother of four and outstanding spokesperson for her father’s campaign. (VIDEO BELOW)

Please watch this short (30 second) video and  help us get this this new ad to everyone you know.   (transcript  below video)

The most important job any woman can have is being a mother and it shouldn’t mean taking a pay cut.






I’m Ivanka  Trump, A mother, a wife and an entrepreneur.


Donald Trump understands The needs of the modern workforce. My father will change outdated labor laws so that they support women in American families.


He will provide tax credits for childcare, paid maternity leave and independent care savings accounts.


This will allow women to support their families and further their career’s.

  file_005   file_008  


I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message.  

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