POWERFUL NEW TRUMP AD Will Give You Goosebumps: He’s Doing This For Us. The Time Is Now.


People have been asking Donald Trump for 30 years if he would run for or if he wanted to run for president of the United States. Now all of a sudden the Libtards and NWO establishment hacks act as if it’s a crazy idea. Mr. Trump has the courage, the integrity and the work ethic we need in the White House. Please watch this new campaign ad and share this with everyone you know. Let’s get Donald Trump into the White House!  (VIDEO BELOW)

Posted by TD Newswire on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Here’s a transcript of the ad and pictures.  Enjoy and SHARE Trumpsters! 🙂 🙂


Donald Trump 1988: I really am tired of seeing what’s happening with this country, how we are really making other people live like kings and we’re not. 


Coal Miner: I’m going to be out of work for the near future as far as I can see and I’m actually anxious to see what someone can bring now.


Donald Trump 1988: I would much prefer that somebody else do it. I just don’t know if that somebody else is there. I don’t know if you have the kind of advocate that we need. We need major surgery. This country needs major surgery.

Interviewer: Are you the surgeon?

Donald Trump 1988: I think I’d do a fantastic job but I’d really prefer not doing it. I would like to see somebody as the president and could do the job and there are very capable people in this country.


Larry King 1999: Could you be president and honestly, your president, and not Think about the Trump building at the General Motors site?

Donald Trump 1999: I just say lots of luck and you know, frankly, it would do good. I mean I have the best locations and the best buildings. They’ll do fine. They’ll do fine without me.

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Ivanka Trump 2016: Our country needs a president who’s able to dream big. My father will be able to do that. In a very big and a very real way. 

Donald Trump 1999: Somebody with strong views. And somebody with the kind of use that or, maybe, a little bit unpopular. Which may be right but may be a unpopular wouldn’t necessarily have a chance against somebody with no great brain but a big smile. 

Larry King 1999: People like seeing Donald Trump. He was extraordinary in his manner and he always had opinions and he was gregarious…..

Donald Trump 1988: The fact is I go down the streets of New York and the people that really like me are the taxi drivers and the workers etc. etc. 

Interviewer: Then why are you a Republican?

Donald Trump 1988: I have no idea why am a Republican. I mean I am a Republican because I just believe in certain principles of the Republican Party. 


Eric Trump 2016: it’s just a very different leadership quality and I think people are starting to see that and my father will do a great job for this nation. He will do an unbelievable job for this nation.

David Letterman: again if you’re tired of this and it looked like people, I’m talking maybe about in eight years …in 12 years…

Donald Trump: Well, I’m not sure if you want to see the United States become a winner again David. Do you want to see the United States become a winner David?


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