President Trump Comes Forward, Sends DC Establishment Scurrying Back Under Rocks They Crawled From

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The DC establishment is delighted a Democrat just took the Alabama Senate seat. And sadly, the GOP is happier than even the Democrat wing of the establishment.

Not surprisingly they are using this isolated election to take shots at President Trump. Like the cowards they really are.

But President Trump does not suffer fools and came out swinging. He had to set the record straight and the GOP would be wise to listen.

The Democrats are a lost cause and have been irrelevant for some time but the GOP has real power, and if they don’t get with the program they are going to lose it.

It doesn’t matter to Trump – he ran against the Democrats and the GOP and has proven he can make deals with anyone, so he will be fine and America will be great.

But the GOP may not be. Especially if they try to blame Trump for their own failures.

Trump tweeted last night,

“Congratulations to Doug Jones on a hard fought victory. The write-in votes played a very big factor, but a win is a win.”

And he was correct. Jones won by 20,716 votes. After the GOP establishment called for write-ins, 22,819 people did so. That is your winning margin.

There have even been some whispers – I don’t remember the woman’s name on Hannity last night but she claimed Mitch McConnell would love the Dems to take Congress so he can hide behind them as he undermines Trump’s agenda. Because DC is terrified of Trump’s plan to put the swamp out of business.

Trump fired back this morning:

And then there is this little fact – Trump base held strong. They came out in large numbers. But the mixed messages by the GOP establishment and the threats to unseat Moore if he won depressed turnout or switched some minds in key precincts.

And they want to blame Trump? If anything they should blame themselves and be terrified because this shows the GOP is headed for some big primary fights.

Look, you will not win the GOP primary if you oppose Trump’s agenda. And you will not win the general election by running against strong borders and bringing American jobs back.

Can you imagine Joe Manchin or Sherrod Brown winning reelection opposing strong borders and American jobs?

The only way they do is if the GOP establishment keeps sabotaging Trump.

Andy Surabian, a Steve Bannon political adviser, texted the Daily Mail this statement that best sums up what happened and what will continue to happen to the GOP if they don’t get their act together.

“Mitch McConnell and his establishment allies got the Democrat that they wanted in Alabama, and are now threatening and openly defying President Trump’s agenda. Make no mistake about it, Mitch McConnell is now the highest ranking Democrat in America. Congratulations, Swamp.”

And remember Mitch – Trump doesn’t need you, you need him. Trump will make a good deal with whomever.

But lobbyists tend to give to the party that has the majority in Congress. Not the minority.


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