President Trump Comes Forward, Teaches Hapless Liberals Brutal Lesson In Art Of Deal

Source: Screenshots

President Trump makes good deals. You may not like his style, but you can’t argue with his track record.

He made great deals as a businessman – sometimes in the face of impossible odds and he is doing the same for this country.

Just like what he is doing with the hapless Democrats over DACA.

Trump has all the leverage and they have none.

The DACA deadline ends March 5th and will not be extended. Trump has said he will make a deal. He has listed his conditions. The Democrats can do nothing because shutting down the government over 1 million non-citizens is political suicide.

In other words, Trump has them right where he wants them.

Trump has all the leverage and it is beautiful to watch. The left needs strong support from the Latino community which they will lose if they cave on DACA.

But the left can’t cave on the wall or chain migration or they will lose more than the Latino’s.

They are stuck. And Trump knows it. For the first time in many years, the liberals will not be the ones losing and the USA will finally get a good deal.


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