President Trump Destroys Nancy Pelosi And Arrogant Horse She Rode In On With Devastating Prediction

Source: Screenshots

The midterms in 2019 will be huge. Bigger than most because of the intense scrutiny the establishment will bring in their Hail Mary pass to stop The will of the people.

When the battle begins and they start hurling their half-truths just remember Trump, unlike every other politician, clearly explained his agenda.

And to the utter horror of the establishment, he actually followed through on his campaign promises.

That shook them to their core because they have gotten rich and fat off empty promises they would offer up every four years we had to take because there was no other choice.

That was before Trump. After Trump, the world is a different place.

One where America comes first not last and if that means the lobbyists have to take a pay cut so be it.

But they won’t go easy.

So it is under that lense one must look at the 2018 midterms and while we have all seen Pelosi and Schumer get on their high horse after Roy Moore, Trump decided to step in and knock them down a peg.

History, of course, is on his side as is his accurate account of what has happened electorally since he became president.

The left, all caught up in anti-Trump hysteria needs to be reminded of the real facts, before their premature end zone celebration gets any more humiliating.


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