President Trump Steps To Podium, Fires Shot Heard Loud And Clear By Middle America

Source: White House

President Trump stepped to the podium and made the tax dreams of every family in America finally come true.

A very happy and satisfied President met with GOP leaders and the made a short speech to announce that the tax deal is all but a done deal.

The final compromise between to the House and the Senate bills seems to have worked itself out today after Trump saying he would be fine with a 21% corporate rate.

It was 35% so holding out for one last percent is something only stubborn, inflexible politicians do.

And thankfully Trump is not one of those.

Trump made a stirring speech to push the tax bill over the goal line from the White House saying:

“The tax bill is for the people of middle income and for companies that are going to create jobs…We will no longer export our jobs, close our factories and leave millions of parents worried that this generation might be the first that does worse than their parents. I am here to tell you that we will never let bad things happen to our economy…We aren’t going to let any more jobs go overseas”

Finally, smart common-sense tax reform that encourages companies to stay here, where they belong. Remember Bush and Obama and Clinton and all the rest saying they would be the ones to do that?

I do. They all made that promise but not a single one lifted a finger to make it so. To their everlasting shame.

Trump continued,

“America isn’t content with getting by but wants to get ahead. We are reclaiming our destiny as Americans. We think big, dream bigger and always reaches for the stars – but we didn’t become great by taxes and regulations – we became great because of our families and our freedom.”

Trump added that he wants “all Americans to feel the dignity of work, pride of a paycheck and a job well done.

“We will bring back our jobs and our wealth and we will bring back the great American dream…We’re proud to be the deplorables and we’re doing well.”

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