Rabbi Delivers Powerful Eulogy for Rush Limbaugh, Offers Prayer for America’s Future


Rabbi Aryeh Spero delivered a moving eulogy to his friend the late great Rush Limbaugh the other day and it is worth a listen. He spoke on Steve Bannon’s War Room. He said:

“Father of mercy, we come to you today with a heavy heart, sad, with ache and void. We have lost a longtime friend, Rush Limbaugh, a man who believed in us as Americans; a champion and cheerleader for America and its founding.

“Someone who expressed for us, three hours a day, the deep thoughts and personal emotions that make us who we are, doing so with a voice and pinpoint vocabulary and passion unmatched in our generation.

“He brought us together wherever we were each day as a family of patriots. He sat with us at the head of the table.

“Who will replace him?” he asked. “We will. All of us who believe in America, God, country, family, faith, fair play, common-sense reasoning — those proud to be called Americans.”

“We have witnessed betrayal from political and judicial officeholders who are not putting America first,” he said Friday. “Some are even an enemy from within.

“America will once again overflow with goodness, strength, liberty, prosperity and devotion to our Constitution,” he said.

“We, together with God, shall make this possibility — yea, this probability — happen.”


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