Reporter Asks Sarah Dumb Question About Trump, Sarah Shut Him Down With Brilliant Answer


Sarah Sanders does a tremendous job every day and gets little credit for it. The media, of course, has never had a kind word for the hard-working mother.

You would think the left would love Sarah… A working mother in a key position of power who is also smart and funny…

If Sarah was a liberal she would be the toast of the town of that there is no doubt, instead, she got protested at a restaurant.


From The Daily Caller:

A reporter asked Sanders, “The president has forcefully spoken out against Iran and North Korea. He said he would forcefully speak out against any threat. Russia’s interference is a threat to our democracy. Why would he not forcefully denounce that?”

“The president has been incredibly tough on Russia,” Sanders shot back. “He has brought it up directly to him in person every single time that they have met. He has put unprecedented sanctions and been extremely tough on Russia across a number of fronts, which we have addressed here it many times before. Frankly, I’m not sure why that is so hard for the media to write about.”

“We’ve repeated it time and time again. The policy that the president has been — since day one in office — has been extremely tough on Russia more so than any other country,” she added.


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