Reporter Rudely Interrupts Sarah Sanders With Question About Russian, What She Said Next Silenced Entire Room

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Another day and another rude liberal reporter interrupted Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Sarah is by all accounts one of the best to ever grace the White House Podium.

Bar none. And the media hates her for it.

Maggie Haberman, New York Times reporter and a thorn in everyone’s side, rudely interrupted Sarah Huckabee Sanders today with another moronic question about Russia and collusion.

The media is nothing if not a broken record.

Maggie said, “President Trump has said there is no collusion with Russia can you define what he means by collusion.”

What a dumb question – Sarah Sanders should get hazard pay for dealing with these clowns.

Sarah shot back with,

“Look I think the accusation was that he had help winning the election and that is simply not true.

The President won because he was the better candidate because he worked hard because he had a message that America actually cared about and believed in and came out and voted for him in historic fashion

That is why he won it wasn’t because of some made up the hoax that has been created to delegitimize this president.

He was the best candidate at the right time that America wanted to see and that is why he is the oval office today.”

Period. End of story. Time for the media to find a new lie to peddle.

Trump was a better candidate with a better message in a time when the establishment failed us all.

Hillary was the establishment – look Trump was a great candidate but the media is missing it – if anyone actually was honest with the American people like Trump was that candidate was going to beat Hillary.

Trump just had the courage to stand up for America and that is what makes him great. But it could have been someone else who spoke truth to power and we would have voted for him.

Why is this so hard for the media to understand?


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