After Reporters take POT SHOTS at Melania, WATCH Sarah Swat Them Down Like Flies


There is probably no job, anywhere, that could be more difficult than Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ job.  As White House Press Secretary, she has to deal to deal with the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) and the White Press Corps, who, for the most part, are out to attack the president or make him look bad, rather than gain knowledge and report on U.S policy and actual “news” from the White House.

Sarah has to take questions from the, often hostile, press corps and answer them politely, even when they are beyond ridiculous and even hateful.

On Monday, Sanders took the podium for an abbreviated press conference before the First Lady, Melania Trump, was to hold a special event in the rose garden. Today, rather than President Trump, it was the First Lady that press was out to embarrass. (VIDEO BELOW)

First, a reporter asked Sarah Sanders if an article in today’s Washington Post  was true and that “Mrs. Trump does not live in this White House.”  Sander knocked that one down fast, saying:

Just when you think the Washington Post can’t get things any more wrong, they do, and it is an outrageous and ridiculous claim. The first lady lives here at the White House. We see her regularly and I think that’s a something that belongs in tabloid gossip, not on the front pages of the Washington Post, and I hope they’ll do better next time.(VIDEO BELOW)
Next, they went on to make an advance attack on the First Lady’s upcoming program, on preventing cyber-bullying. by implying that President Trump is a cyber bully, because of the way he tweets to counter-act the CLM.  What a disgrace.

Posted by Trumpster S. Thompson on Monday, May 7, 2018

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