Right After Kathy Griffin Trashed Ohio Voters, Trump Humiliated Her In Epic Fashion


In case you were asleep we held a special election in Ohio yesterday and as usual, the left lost their minds.

They viewed it as a referendum on Trump and went they lost they actually trashed Ohio Voters for not agreeing with them.

From Breitbart:

Hollywood-backed Democratic candidates didn’t fare as well as politically engaged celebrities had hoped in Tuesday’s elections, which sparked Russian meddling conspiracy theorizing and celebs bashing Green Party voters in Ohio.

The contest between Republican Troy Balderson and Democrat Danny O’Connor in Ohio’s 12th congressional district garnered perhaps the most celebrity attention in the weeks and days leading up to the election.

Actresses Chelsea Handler and Alyssa Milano and Grammy-winner John Legend publicly endorsed the 30-year-old O’Connor.

But when he lost the Hollywood crowd showed their disdain for middle America and trashed the voters.

Enter President Trump who gets the hilarious last word.


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