Right After Maxine Waters Bashed Trump’s Border Policy, She Got Embarrassed In Worst Way Possible


Maxine Waters has never met a microphone she won’t yell into for as long as any liberal network will have her.

She has been using her new megaphone to dupe the liberals into believing false narratives around Trump and the border.

She bashes Trump seeing gold at the end of the rainbow but it turned out to be fools gold as she realized she just got embarrassed.

From Free Beacon:

The number of individuals apprehended by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) while trying to illegally cross the southwestern border fell by 18 percent in June, new data from the agency show.

After three successive months of more than 50,000 crossers apprehended, CBP reported 42,565 border crossers in the month of June. Department of Homeland Security press secretary Tyler Q. Houlton attributed the drop to President Donald Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy, which requires the criminal prosecution of any person who is apprehended.

DHS saw the numbers as a sign of progress, and issued further caution to would-be illegal border crossers about attempting the journey.

“DHS will continue to enforce the rule of law and uphold our nation’s immigration laws as passed by Congress,” Houlton said. “As we have said before, the journey north is dangerous and puts individuals in the hands of smugglers and traffickers. We continue to call on Congress to address the crisis at the border by closing legal loopholes that drive illegal immigration.”

In other words, Trump had to clean up another Obama mess and there was no easy answer. Obama debated doing exactly what Trump did but was too afraid of the negative press and in cowardly fashion did nothing.

Trump simply does what is right for the country, despite what the media says and America is better off for it.


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