(VIDEO) Right after landing in France, Melania splits from President and does the UNTHINKABLE!

The Telegraph-Youtube scrreenshot

President Donald J. Trump and first lady Melania Trump arrived in Paris, France this morning. They immediately got into their limousine to head into Paris. There was not a huge foreign contingent to greet them at the airport as there have been in some other cities. However, there will be a large ceremony this afternoon to celebrate their arrival.


Minutes later, before getting settled in, Melania left the President to do something near and dear to her heart. She went to the Enfants Malades wing at Necker Hospital in Paris. Necker Hospital is a children’s hospital in Paris.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Melania wore a bright red suit jacket, a matching skirt and red heels as she arrived and met with the director of the hospital. She then met with young patients, as well as staffers. She gathered at a table top covered with building blocks, books and toys, to talk and play with six young patients. She spoke to the children in French, one of the five languages she speaks. The children presented Melania with a gift, the book, Le Petite Prince.  (VIDEO BELOW)

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