Robert De Niro Launches Vicious Attack Against Trump, Backfires In Humiliating Fashion

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Robert De Niro must be desperate for publicity. He is at the end of his Hollywood career and they don’t treat fading stars kindly on their way down.

No, it is one humiliation after another out in Hollywood once a star falls from grace, as De Niro has done with a series of box office bombs.

But it is not just Hollywood who thinks De Niro’s time is up, Trump does too, which is why De Niro has spent more time ripping Trump than acting lately.

The problem is his attacks always fall flat, like his new movie, and end up humiliating Robert instead of his intended target – President Trump.

From The Daily Mail:

Robert discussed his reluctance to retire, his marriage-like relationship with Chef Nobu and his strong feelings on President Donald Trump – who he revealed would be barred from every Nobu restaurant if he tried to enter.

When asked who his dream dinner guest would be, Robert insisted he would never let Trump into any of the Nobu restaurants…

Nobu is a sushi chain Robert co-founded with Chef Nobu. They have locations all over the globe that are frequently visited by top Hollywood celebrities.

Except 1 – Donald Trump.

You see Robert, Trump doesn’t eat sushi, he prefers steak and cheeseburgers, like the rest of middle America.

So he would never even consider going into your restaurant.

The joke’s on you buddy, and you better get used to it because Trump will be around for 7 more years.


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