Sarah Sanders Makes Jim Acosta’s Jaw Hit Floor With Angry Thud With 1 Brilliant Tweet

Image Source: Swamp Drain

Sarah Sanders has the hardest job outside of the President in Washington D.C. She has to constantly fight the media bias while still doing an important job.

Her job is to explain the President’s agenda to the people.

The public has a right to know but the public doesn’t have a right to know everything. Some delicate things must be kept secret in order for the White House to negotiate and function properly.

It takes a deft touch to do the job well and Sarah has exceeded all expectations.

But the left will never acknowledge this choosing instead to attack her for doing her job. It is sad really.

But what is sadder yet is the liberal media’s refusal, under any circumstances, to give Trump any credit for a job well done.

Even the most ardent Trump hater has to, maybe in the privacy of his own home, give Trump credit for a few things.

But they won’t. They just cannot bring themselves to do it.

But Sarah Sanders just found the easy way to do that.

And just in time.

If you are like everyone else in America and will be attending Christmas parties with friends, co-workers, and family, some of whom may be of the liberal persuasion who will never give Trump any credit, then simply ask them this question from Sarah Sanders.


Share with your liberal friends if you want to make them compliment Trump at least once.


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