What Sarah Sanders Just Said About Memo Will Be Forever Known As Day Democracy Was Saved

Image Source: Video Screen clip

Sarah Sanders just broke her silence on the Nunes memo and what she said is important. Look, sunlight is the best disinfectant and we need more, not less, of it in DC.

For sure we must protect national security interests and we must not condemn the FBI and DOJ, but asking questions of our leaders is the foundation of our democracy.

Sarah said in a press release:

The memo is now out to the public and while the actual FISA warrant is longer, Sarah Sanders and President Trump have no problem if the Democrats release their rebuttal.

“The administration stands ready to work with Congress to accommodate oversight requests consistent with applicable standards, including the need to protect intelligence sources and methods,” she said.

So this is not a hit job, the memo simply raises serious questions and America wants the answers. Trump wants it all out, as it should be. (continue more below)

Let both sides release what they want, and as long as national security is protected the American people should be the judge.

We know Trump thinks we are smart enough to make up our own minds. We know that most politicians do not – they are full of arrogance and disdain for the common man.

If they can they release the whole FISA request, they should do that too.

As Matt Gaetz said… sunlight is the best disinfectant and we deserve to know.

We can handle the truth.


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