Sarah Sanders Steps To Podium, Makes Nancy Pelosi Choke On Her Caviar With 1 Brilliant Quote

Source: Screenshot

Sarah Sanders just held her daily press briefing and as usual, she was ready for the media. Sarah is one of the greats at this very difficult position and she deserves way more credit than she will ever get from the liberal media.

Because they disagree with her they hate her with a venom not seen since they went after her boss President Trump.

So the media went after Sarah, all the usual suspects from CNN and NBC, and Sarah handled them with grace and class. (VIDEO BELOW)

The first line of questioning was about Steve Bannon…Yawn.

In case you missed it, executive privilege has been invoked by Steve Bannon and the Democrats are screaming bloody murder.

It is normal and the Democrats know this but their fake outrage machine is in overdrive and blinds them to the truth. (VIDEO BELOW)

As a perfect example, I give you MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson.

Who went after Sarah with some gotcha questions and other nonsense hell bent – it seems – to do whatever she can to damage President Trump.

Here is the truth. (VIDEO BELOW)

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want a government shutdown because they think America will blame Trump.

Sadly, this is all the left has these days and they have no problem putting the security of this great nation at risk to serve their short-term political goals.

Won’t work, can’t work, and when Sarah explained why you know Pelosi was choking on her caviar.

Did you know Nancy Pelosi is loaded? She even has her very own Napa Valley winery (not cheap).


“I am not sure how it would the President wants a budget deal – the budget deal should not be tied to a political agenda the Democrats are pushing…. What we would like to see happen is let’s strike a budget deal by Friday and come back to work and solve DACA and border security.

The number one priority is national security and fully funding our military and I would think the Democrats share this?

We need Democrats to do their jobs.”

There it is folks, the Democrats need to do their darn jobs and stop playing politics.

Are you listening to Nancy Pelosi?

Some things must be above politics, like the safety and security of this great nation, don’t you agree?


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