Sarah Sanders Steps To Podium, Sends MSNBC Reporter Scurrying Back To New York City In Disgrace

Image Source: MAGA Fan Club

Sarah Huckabee Sanders just finished a victory lap press briefing and she came through again.

The subdued press corps – you know they wanted Trump to lose on the Schumer shutdown battle as if that was a remote possibility – did their best to trip up Sarah.

But Sarah was all smiles when she announced to the jackals in the press corps:

“President Trump’s pleased that the Democrats finally came to their senses.”

Boom! But why did it take 4 days Chuck? You got absolutely nothing in return, so why did you do it?

Either way, it backfired. Sarah continued

“I am pleased that Democrats in Congress have come to their senses,” Trump said in a statement read by Sarah.

“Once the government is funded, my administration will work toward solving the problem of very unfair illegal immigration. We will make a long-term deal on immigration if and only if it’s good for our country.”

Correct. In other words, Chuck Schumer get ready to lose again when you try to keep our borders wide open.

Sarah continued humiliating Chuck Schumer,

“The position they have taken was indefensible…Trump stayed firm, Republicans stayed firm” and the Democrats folded like a cheap suit.

Speaking about the next big Trump initiative (infrastructure) Sarah said,

“Trump will get the best deal for America and the American worker.”

Of course, he will and all we can say is finally. Imagine if Hillary and Chuck were in charge?

Responding to a reporter Kristen Welker asked a stupid question about Schumer saying negotiating with Trump is like negotiating with jello, Sarah sent the MSNBC reporter scurrying back to New York City with one sentence,

“What the President did clearly worked.”

Clearly and what Schumer tried did not because Chuck got nothing in return for his Government shut down and president Trump got exactly what he wanted.

Then Welker asked Sarah a follow-up question to try to get under Trump’s skin. Welker asked Sarah who has veto power over immigration policy and Sarah let her have it.



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