Sarah Sanders Steps To Podium, Sends Nancy Pelosi Scurrying Back To SF With Epic Takedown

Image Source: I Love My Freedom

Sarah Sanders just finished another White House press briefing and she really smacked around Nancy Pelosi good.

Trump has advised the GOP to run against Nancy Pelosi in the 2018 midterms and it is a smart strategy.

For many reasons but mainly for what just happened today in the Senate.

The Senate, after a year of literally doing nothing, finally came together and did their job. They agreed on…wait for it…an actual bipartisan budget plan.

For the next two years…meaning the Democrats are ceding any power they have (they could only filibuster and the budget was their best hope to wrangle concessions from Trump) for the next two years.

Enter Nancy ‘Crumbalina” Pelosi.

From the Washington Examiner:

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., announced Wednesday she will not support a budget agreement that includes spending caps because the agreement does not include a legislative fix for Dreamers.

“The budget caps agreement includes many Democratic priorities,” Pelosi said in a statement, citing the inclusion of a disaster relief package, funding increases for both non-defense and defense spending, and funding to combat the opioid epidemic, “This morning, we took a measure of our Caucus because the package does nothing to advance bipartisan legislation to protect Dreamers in the House. Without a commitment from Speaker Ryan comparable to the commitment from Leader McConnell, this package does not have my support.”

Dumb political move if ever there was because America will not tolerate a government shut down over a million illegal immigrants, no matter how much we want to help them.

A point Sarah Sanders made clear when a reporter asked her today about Pelosi’s comments:

“Nancy Pelosi wants an immigration tied to the emerging budget deal” and Trump will not even consider it.

He will not even negotiate with Pelosi nor should he.

“Nancy Pelosi should not hold our military hostage on a separate issue. Nancy Pelosi needs to support it (the budget deal) and then we can focus on immigration.”


This is a common sense plan that will actually help both America and the dreamers and that is why Pelosi and the left will oppose it.

And in doing so they will expose themselves for who they really are and doom their chances in 2018.


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