Scott Walker Issues Terrifying Warning To All Trump Supporters About What’s Coming Next

Source: Screenshot

Scott Walker is an interesting politician. He won the Wisconsin Governor’s race when not many Republicans could.

He withstood a recall attempt by the sore loser Democrats after he tried to implement the agenda he ran on.

He helped the GOP win the state legislature and of course helped bring the key state of Wisconsin home for not only President Trump but the GOP Senate candidate.

Russ Feingold was predicted to win the Senate race and if he had, that one vote would be a hurdle for Trump every day in the Senate.

But Hillary decided not to go to Wisconsin and she and Feingold lost and basically handed the federal government to Trump and the GOP.

Trump literally shattered the Democrats blue wall and America is better for it. But time moves forward and simply put the opposition party always crushes the in control party in the midterms.

History is quite clear on this. Which is not good news for the GOP. That said Trump is not your normal politician so the laws that typically bind them do not apply.

As long as Trump and the GOP don’t implode everything should be fine in the midterms but still history says Americans like divided Government because we don’t trust our Government.

It is a combination of Americans liking divided Government because we are a center-right country and the human condition that tends to prefer “the grass is always greener” mentality.

Either way, if the GOP doesn’t tighten up they may lose Congress and even if Pelosi doesn’t impeach Trump (she will try) Chuck and Nancy can block the GOP agenda from getting through and that means judicial appointments too.

The media will stop at nothing to hurt Trump and the GOP so they will not spread the good news and successes of the Trump agenda, and that is a problem the GOP must overcome if they want to enact the America First Agenda we so desperately need.

If they don’t the road ahead will not be clear for Trump and the agenda America voted for. In fact, it may be downright perilous.



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