Sean Hannity Discovers Easy Way To Silence All Trump Critics And Embarrass Mainstream Media


Sean Hannity has been a staunch defender of President Trump and a tireless advocate for Trump’s agenda.

Of late Trump has been under siege in the media and he is getting incoming from all sides.

So it is smart as Sean Hannity just did to take a step back and put things into proper perspective.


The US economy continued to roar to life in the second quarter of 2018 with GDP growth topping a whopping 4.1%; signaling a robust recovery under President Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress.

According to CNBC, Gross Domestic Product posted its largest gains in over four years on the back of strong consumer confidence and record-breaking business growth and optimism following the Republican-sponsored tax cuts.

“That’s the fastest rate of the growth since the 4.9 percent in the third quarter of 2014 and the third-best growth rate since the Great Recession. In addition to the strong second quarter, the Commerce Department revised its first-quarter reading up from 2 percent to 2.2 percent,” writes CNBC.

“We’re on track to hit the highest annual growth rate in over 13 years,” said the President. “And I will say this right now and I will say it strongly, as the deals come in one by one, we’re going to go a lot higher than these numbers, and these are great numbers.”


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