Sean Hannity Gets Even With Rod Rosenstein After What Rod Said About Him And Fox News


Sean Hannity set his sights on Rod Rosenstein after Rod’s public comments about Sean and Fox News and landed a knockout blow.

From Fox News:

Sean Hannity ripped Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein after a contentious hearing before the House Judiciary Committee.

Hannity said Rosenstein, formerly the U.S. Attorney for Maryland, came across as “short-tempered and extremely pompous” in exchanges with Republicans Trey Gowdy of South Carolina and Jim Jordan of Ohio.

“The very ill-tempered Rod Rosenstein, who apparently doesn’t like me… was grilled by [Jordan] over Rosenstein’s blatant effort to hide important information from House investigators,” Hannity said.

Jordan asked Rosenstein point blank why he is allegedly “keeping information from Congress” relating to the federal investigation of President Donald Trump.

When Rosenstein denied the charge, Jordan warned him that the House will pass a resolution against him on the matter.

“If they do, they’ll be mistaken,” Rosenstein said, visibly irritated and pointing at Jordan.

Hannity explained his case for believing Jordan’s account, adding that Rosenstein should stop “obstructing.”

He said Rosenstein should be given seven days to stop the “obstruction,” or Congress should issue contempt or impeachment articles against the Philadelphia native.


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