Soro’s THUGS injure 100 cops in Germany! US Riots planned for July 15 may get “TRUMPED” to save Americans.

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Who pays for all the these so-called protests over in Europe?  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s the same evil bastard that pays for most of the protesters and rioters in the United States. The reason they do so much more damage over in Europe is that Europe has been socialized and wussified much more and for a longer period of time.

You have to hand it to Barack Hussein Obama though.  In eight years he was able do more for the wussification and Europeanization of the United States than any president in history.

Thank you you big WUSS!  You must be proud!

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An American group called Refuse Fascism, funded by Hungarian Hedge Fund Billionaire, George Soros, is out in the streets of Hamburg Germany attacking people and destroying things.  They are not just there to protest Donald Trump. They planned to riot at the G20 summit long before anyone thought Donald Trump had a chance of becoming President of the United States.

The G20 protests have been dubbed “Welcome To Hell” by their organizers and have become more and more violent every day.  Hundreds of police have been injured and millions of dollars of property have been destroyed.  That sounds like something  that would be right up Barack Hussein Obama or George Soros’ alley.

Of course Obama and Soro’s pet cause back in the states, Black Lives Matter, would be way too cowardly to step out into the streets of Germany.  They prefer shooting people in the back or in the back of the head when they are not looking.

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According to The Daily Caller:

Refuse Fascism also claims direct ties to a Cornel West, an Ivy League professor and member of the 2016 DNC platform committee. West is among several left-wing professors listed as one of the group’s “initiators.”

Refuse Fascism is also one of the militant left-wing groups who organized the violent riots against Milo Yiannopoulos in Berkeley, California earlier this year.

The group is also planning nationwide demonstrations against President Trump to take place on July 15.

“July 15th must be a day when every person, every group – religious, community, service, political organization – all who feel the tremendous threat to humanity posed by the Trump/Pence regime – stand together showing the world that people here are determined that this regime must go … not in two years or four, but now,” a description for the July 15 protest states.

“July 15th must mark a leap to more sustained struggle, inspiring people to see the possibility of ousting this regime through unleashing the tremendous power of the people – aiming for the time when millions can be moved to fill the streets of cities and towns day after day and night after night, declaring this whole regime illegitimate – Demanding, and Not Stopping, Until The Trump/Pence Regime Is Driven from Power.”

(source: The Daily Caller)

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