Steve Doocy Asks Brian Kilmeade If Trump Could Face Murder Charges On Fox News


Fox and Friends had a rather odd discussion today over the Capitol riots and the continued fallout and what Trump will do in his last few days. 

They were discussing whether President Trump can pardon himself for what happened in the Capitol and whether he should bother as most don’t think he will be charged or convicted. 

Doocy said White House counsel Pat Cipollone warned Trump that if he did pardon himself it may be viewed as an admission of guilt and in that case, he could be sued civilly like O.J. Simpson was and lose a fortune. 

“Given the fact that there were people who were killed last week in Washington, D.C., there’s a possibility that — this is from White House counsel Pat Cipollone — the president could actually face legal jeopardy,” Doocy started. 

“And apparently, reportedly, he said, ‘Mr. President, think O. J. — O. J. was essentially found not guilty of murdering his ex-wife but later faced stiff civil penalties when he was sued by his ex-wife’s family for her death.” 

“Ultimately, could those families of people who died in the looting and the rioting — rioting according to the police there — could they possibly sue the president?” he said. 

Doocy then followed up with a stunning thing to say on national television, “Could the president actually face murder charges? I heard that being talked about.” 

“That’s a huge leap,” Brian Kilmeade immediately shut him down. 

 “Murder charges?” He asked stunned Doocy would even go there. 

“I’m just reporting, Brian,” Doocy said. 


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