TAKE NO PRISONERS! Sarah Returns, Pounds Pretentious Press into Submission


After taking a day off and letting White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah handle Monday’s press conference, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is back and she’s firing on all cylinders.

The White House “Gotcha” press corps sounded like a broken record today, asking the same questions over and over again.  (VIDEO BELOW)

They ignored Sarah’s responses and asked about Stormy Daniels, adding the “immigration” question for the U.S Census, and the possibility of the President using the military to build the wall. over and over and over again.

Sarah politely hit them up side the head with a sledge hammer, making many of them look like complete idiots.


Welcome back Sarah!  We can’t wait for tomorrow’s presser.

If you love Sarah please comment below and keep this video moving!  Thanks!


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