Ted Cruz Breaks His Silence, Fires Legal Warning Heard Round The World In Support of Trump


Ted Cruz was the Republican the left loved to hate until President Trump came around. The two men share, and wear extremely well, that liberal loathing.

They just don’t care for our politically correct culture and fight back hard against it.

They have been at odds before, as both men have fierce independent streaks, but they have come together more often than not to support this great country.

Ted has one of the sharpest legal minds in the country and everyone – even the left – wanted to hear what Ted thought about Trump’s right to pardon himself.

His answer, of course, scandalized the lunatic fringe of the left wing party.



Correct. The law is clear and so is Trump’s pardon power – let this be a warning to the left, be careful what you wish for…you just might get a constitutional crisis.


In other words – The Supreme Court will decide if this ever gets to that point and when it does there will be one strict constitutionalist named Neil Gorsuch who will most probably cast the deciding vote.

By strict constitutionalist, I mean that Neil will follow the constitution as his mentor Scalia did, and that is not good news for the left.

But it is good news for Trump and justice.



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