Watch: Crowd At Trump Rally Tells Jim Acosta Exactly What They Think Of CNN


Trump is a few hours away from holding his rally tonight in South Carolina. As usual, there is a huge crowd who waited a long time to get inside the arena.

The media is there of course and one brave Trump supporter decided to tell Jim Acosta exactly what she thinks of CNN.

From Truth Examiner:

While Jim Acosta was on the air with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, a rally goer displayed her “CNN Sucks sign in view of the camera. Elsewhere, chants of “go home, Jim” were heard. Acosta managed to brush off the encounter while on air, mentioning how fired up the crowd at the rally is.

The early crowd here at Trump’s South Carolina is jeering CNN’s Jim Acosta as a woman near the press pen just starts going off on him. Now chants of “Go home, Jim!”

Here is the video…too funny.


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