THANK YOU CHELSEA: Chelsea Clinton Locks in Important Swing State for Donald Trump. Here’s How She Managed That


In recent days Donald Trump taken the lead (depending on which poll your looking at) in five very important swing states.  North Carolina, Ohio, Nevada, Iowa and Colorado have Trump a little ahead, a little behind or just about even as of this writing.  This is great news for the Donald Trump campaign.  It is especially great news in Colorado, a state long considered too far gone to the Democrats for Donald Trump to have a chance.

According to a new Colorado CNN poll Monday, Mr. Trump is leading in Colorado by a 42 to 41 margin with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson at 13 percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein at 3 percent.  (source:Daily Caller)  



This is just a joke folks……. hopefully.
Donald Trump has never had a drink or done any drugs in his life and none of his kids have either (supposedly) and we know he is no proponent of marijuana but do you think he would point that out and make a big issue out of it?  Of course not.

So again THANK YOU Chelsea!  Way to go.




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