Thank You Sean Spicer! Job WELL DONE! Looks who’s up next! Can we get a BIG H**L YEAH?

Swamp Drain

**This is a follow up to our June 6, 2017 a article announcing that Sean Spicer was getting a promotion and leaving his job as White House Press Secretary.  You can see the original article HERE.    (VIDEO BELOW)

According to the NFL Players Association the average career length for an NFL running back is about 2.5 years.  According to President Donald Trump, the average career length for a WH Press Secretary is 6 months. Both jobs are extremely grueling, and you get hit from all sides, yet you must try to remain upright and moving forward.  (VIDEO BELOW)

The biggest difference is that in the NFL, the opposing team has to play by the rules or the get penalized. The Crooked Liberal Media does not play by the rules. They are more vicious than the meanest, ugliest NFL linebacker you’ve ever seen.   (VIDEO BELOW)

At, we want to be the first to to congratulate and thank Sean Spicer for a job well done! He has stuck in there week after week fighting the good fight, taking crap from the Crooked liberal media, and coming out on top virtually every time.   (VIDEO BELOW)

When it comes to dealing with the crooked liberal media and biased press, Sarah Huckabee Sanders doesn’t take any BS! Sarah comes out swinging and gives them a BEAT DOWN in Huck-Town! She proves time and time again she can handle the job while opening a big, bad can of WHOOP A** for the insidious crooked liberal media. These phony journalists think that when Spicer is off for the day they can run all over Sarah. WRONG!

Swamp Drain

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