THIS Will Get Trump Reelected in 2020- LOOK What He Just Released!

Swamp Drain


The Crooked Liberal Media is out for blood.  The Establishment politicians, Republican and Democrat, are trying back stab and undermine his efforts at every turn, yet President Trump keeps fulfilling more promises every day, making America Great Again AND Safe Again.


Today, the whole Trump nation is going crazy after the official Twitter account of Team Trump, posted the latest campaign ad for President Donald Trump 2020.  It is a great dose reality in a world tainted by the lies and distortions of the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media). The new ad goes through many of the  incredible achievements and victories of the American people since Trump took office.


Direct from the Trump Team:

“The 30-second campaign ad starts by going through the list of issues President Trump has been facing on a daily basis since taking office, starting from the Democrats, which do everything in their power to obstruct the work of the POTUS. Next up on the list is the media, which is constantly ranting and throwing dirt on Trump, no matter what move he makes or action he takes. And last but not least, the video mentions career politicians that will do everything in their power to prevent the sitting administration from achieving success.”


  • Democrats obstructed the media attacking our president
  • Career politicians standing in the way of success
  • President Trump’s plan is working
  • 1 million jobs created
  • More Americans working than ever before
  • Unemployment lowest since 2001
  • The stock market all-time record highs
  • The strongest military in decades
  • The president’s enemies don’t want him to succeed but Americans are saying let President Trump do his job!


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