Top Democrat Atty On Farrakhan Connection: “If I Had Known… I Would NOT Have Campaigned For Barack Obama.

Photo Credit: Askia Muhammad. Photo blend from screenshot on FOX News

2005 Obama-Farrakhan Photo Allegedly Buried by Congressional Black Caucus, photographer says

A 2005 photograph has just been published that, many are saying, may have kept Barack Hussein Obama from being elected in 2008.

The photographer, Askia Muhammad, and top Democratic lawyer, and Harvard law professor, Alan Dershowitz, both feel that this photo may have changed the outcome of the 2008 election if it were not hidden from the public during the campaign. (VIDEO CLIPS BELOW)

Fox News reports:

Photojournalist Askia Muhammad released a photo this week showing former President Barack Obama and the controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan from Obama’s years as a state senator — and the photographer revealed Thursday that the Congressional Black Caucus had pressured him for more than a decade to keep it hidden.

Muhammad told the Trice Edney News Wire last week that he believed that the image “absolutely would have made a difference” in the 2008 presidential campaign had it been made public.


“Louis Farrakhan is a virulent anti-semite. He’s called Judaism a gutter religion. He’s anti-American.  He is a horrible, horrible human being, and if I had known that the President had posed smilingly with him, when he was a senator, I would not have campaigned for Barack Obama,” said Alan Dershowitz.
**The first clip is Alan Deshowitz’s response to the Tucker Carlson interview with the photographer. (source:  FOX News)

 Tucker Carlson with photographer of Obama-Farrakhan Photo


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