Trey Gowdy Breaks Silence, Reveals Main Reason Why Mueller Witch Hunt Must End Now

Source: CNN Screen Shot

Trey Gowdy is well respected in Washington D.C. for his truth-telling and nonpartisanship.

He has at times made both sides of the aisle angry with him, which means he must be doing something right as neither side has a lock on hypocrisy in the swamp.

Both are guilty and Trey is not afraid to call them out.

In short, when Trey speaks people listen and what he just said devastated Mueller’s witch hunt.

If Trey is correct, and it seems he is, it’s lights out for the Russia investigation.

From Fox News:

Gowdy, of Greenville, blasted the “level of bias and animus” showed by top FBI staff Peter Strzok and Lisa Page — two lovers who were found to be exchanging texts about stopping Trump’s rise.

“Once [Trump] won, [Strzok] got on the Mueller probe and wanted to impeach him,” Gowdy said of findings in Inspector General Michael Horowitz’ report. “What a dark day it is for the FBI and for the DOJ.”

“Some people are going to believe that because Strzok’s level of animus is so high, you can’t remove the taint,” Gowdy added.

Correct. The whole thing stinks to high heaven and with the revelation of the bombshell texts, how is America to trust the whole story?

Hillary was a terrible candidate and unless there is an absolute smoking gun, and if there is Mueller needs to come clean and show us, the witch hunt is over.

Put to rest by the obvious bias that the entire USA cannot forget.


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