Trey Gowdy Comes Forward, Sends Deep State Hacks Scurrying Back Under Rocks They Crawled From To Attack Trump

Source: Fox News Screenshot

Trey Gowdy is not happy with the FBI and the pressure is mounting on the political hacks deep within who have gone out of their way to attack President Trump.

Trey Gowdy is a former prosecutor and he knows how these things go, so if he is coming forward now and putting the deep state on notice, watch out because that means head are going to roll.

And soon. (VIDEO BELOW)

Trey released a statement about the bombshell report today about all the missing texts (along with Devin Nunes and Bob Goodlatte) that said:

“This weekend we met to discuss the text messages and possible next steps in our oversight of these agencies. The contents of these text messages between top FBI officials are extremely troubling in terms of when certain key decisions were made by the Department of Justice and the FBI, by whom these decisions were made, and the evident bias exhibited by those in charge of the investigation. The omission of text messages between December 2016 and May 2017, a critical gap encompassing the FBI’s Russia investigation, is equally concerning. Rather than clearing up prior FBI and DOJ actions, these recently produced documents cause us to further question the credibility and objectivity of certain officials at the FBI.”

Wow. Those are fighting words and it is about time we got to the bottom of this growing scandal. (VIDEO BELOW)

Jeff Sessions seconded Trey Gowdy and released his own blistering statement today:

“The department apprised the congressional committees of the missing text messages on Friday,” Sessions said. “I have spoken to the inspector general and a review is already underway to ascertain what occurred and to determine if these records can be recovered in any other way.  If any wrongdoing were to be found to have caused this gap, appropriate legal disciplinary action measures will be taken.We will leave no stone un-turned to confirm with certainty why these text messages are not now available to be produced and will use every technology available to determine whether the missing messages are recoverable from another source.”

Time is up deep state – you have two choices: come clean or face the music because with Trey on the case we know the truth will come out. (VIDEO BELOW)


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