Trump Bulls his way to TIME Person of the Year- Here’s WHY they gave it to him. It’s NOT because they wanted to.


Donald Trump has rocked the world! Then he was named TIME PERSON of the YEAR. He was elected to be the 45th President of the United States because of his hard work and dogged persistence, bringing his message of Making America Great Again to the people of this country by visiting town after town after town after town.  All that Time the Liberal Media attacked and lied about him over and over. (See Video of TIME PERSON of the YEAR announcement BELOW)

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President-elect Trump won in spite of the Crooked Mainstream Media (C-MSM) and today he became the TIME PERSON of the YEAR in spite of them as well.  You know darn well that TIME didn’t want to give him this honor, they had to.  They had no choice because he beat Hillary Clinton and he beat the Crooked Mainstream Media (C-MSM) as well.

(See Video of TIME PERSON of the YEAR announcement BELOW)

Here is the announcement  that was on the NBC Today Show this morning.  Please not that but of the second and third place picks (3rd place is a liberal media lie) as well as the cover caption “President of the Divided States of America” are jabs at President-elect Trump.

(See Video of TIME PERSON of the YEAR announcement BELOW)

“To be on the cover of TIME magazine as Person of the Year is a tremendous honor”  President-elect Donald Trump

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