Trump Just Did Something For Seniors Obama Never Could And Greedy Drug Companies Are Fuming

Source: White House

President Donald Trump is once again fighting to help Americans screwed over by years of Obama mismanaging the country.

A senior administration official, speaking to ABC News on the condition of anonymity, dropped the hammer on greedy drug companies taking advantage of America’s seniors saying lowering prescription drug costs for Medicare beneficiaries will be a priority for Trump’s 2019 budget plan to be unveiled this week.

And even better, he is making the drug companies and insurance companies – some of the worst players in corporate America – take the hit.

Taking on the all-powerful pharma and insurance lobby takes stones and Trump will need our help if he is to win this battle.

Many have said tried and none have even gotten close. Thankfully, Trump is not your typical politician.

He loves the hard fight and as he has already demonstrated, he tends to win. Now it is America’s seniors turn to benefit and they deserve the break more than any group in America.

From ABC:

“President Donald Trump will propose lowering prescription drug costs for Medicare beneficiaries by allowing them to share in rebates that drug companies pay to insurers and middlemen, an administration official said Thursday. Under Trump’s proposal, seniors covered by Medicare’s popular “Part D” prescription benefit would be able to share in the rebates for individual drugs that they purchase at the pharmacy.”

But it gets better – besides putting actual cash money back in your pocket, Trump plans to:

“Trump’s budget would also expand Medicare’s “catastrophic” drug benefit so that many seniors with very high costs would not face copayments.”

Finally – look our seniors have done more for this country than all the young people combined and we need to make the economy work for them too, not just against them.


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