Trump Laughs His Ass Off After Democrats Unveil Secret Weapon They Plan To Beat Him With

Image Source: Washington Times

The Democrats may have plenty of money, but they are bankrupt of ideas. They keep bringing out the old and failed (see Hillary Clinton) and keep losing.

They are more like a stubborn toddler than a dynamic political organization.

They are resistant to change and are stuck in the past. One of the unspoken reasons for the entire Russia witch hunt is jealousy.

Trump figured out how to use Facebook and Twitter with deadly precision at half the cost while Hillary was buying expensive TV ads in Arizona and not even visiting the midwest.

Trump knew the votes he needed for the upset and he went about getting them, while Hillary thought she was owed the job.

It showed. But those weren’t the main reasons Hillary lost.

No, she thought she had a secret weapon that would carry her to victory – the young people.

Except young people don’t vote as Hillary found out the hard way.

Remember that a majority of those protesting Trump in pink hats didn’t even bother to show up and vote.

Young people protest because it’s fun, voting…a pain in the butt that takes time and there is no immediate gratification.

This isn’t new, the young never vote.

Which is why Trump laughed his ass off after the Democrats unveiled their secret strategy to beat him.

From Politico:

When Colin Allred, a 35-year-old former NFL linebacker-turned-congressional candidate, addressed two dozen student volunteers at a rooftop restaurant last week, he promised them that he knows millennials are more than avocado toast-eating social media obsessives.

“People think millennials just tweet … and complain, but you all are living proof that that’s not true,” Allred said. “You are the best part of this party.”

Allred — the newly minted Democratic nominee for a competitive House seat here— is part of a swell of young Democratic House candidates hoping to inspire higher turnout among fellow millennials in the midterm elections, when youth voting rates typically decline. At least 20 millennial Democratic candidates are running in battleground districts, a leap over previous cycles that could remake the party’s generational divide.

“I don’t recall a cycle with anything close to this number of younger candidates in recent times,” said Ian Russell, a Democratic consultant who served as the deputy executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Notably, younger candidates who actually have a good shot at winning – raising money, running professional campaigns.”

The left has fallen for it again. The ever enticing trap that the youth vote will lead them to victory.

They will again ignore the middle class, will ignore minorities and other actual voters, and instead throw another desperate Hail Mary that will see them fall flat again.

The young don’t vote. And if that is all the Democrats have, Trump has nothing to fear.



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