Trump Responds To Calls To Abolish ICE, Totally Embarrasses Liberals

Image Source: Conservative Tribune

The calls from the desperate left to abolish ICE are on the rise, fueled by the media who think they have a winning issue.

Not so fast said President Trump, who just ended the debate once and for all.

From Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump responded to growing calls to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Saturday morning, saying, “Zero chance, It will never happen.”

The president sent a tweet aimed at Democrats, some of whom have openly called for ICE to be reorganized or disbanded altogether. He also defended ICE’s accomplishments, particularly with regard to the violent gang MS-13.

“The Democrats are making a strong push to abolish ICE, one of the smartest, toughest and most spirited law enforcement groups of men and women that I have ever seen. I have watched ICE liberate towns from the grasp of MS-13 & clean out the toughest of situations. They are great!,” Trump tweeted before adding,

“To the great and brave men and women of ICE, do not worry or lose your spirit. You are doing a fantastic job of keeping us safe by eradicating the worst criminal elements. So brave! The radical left Dems want you out. Next it will be all police. Zero chance, It will never happen!”

Do you agree with President Trump or the left on this important issue?


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