Trump Steps To Microphone, Gives Dem Senator Career Ending New Nickname As Crowd Goes Wild (Video)


President Trump is a master at many things: handling a large crowd, public speaking, giving out devastating nicknames to his political rivals.

The list is as long as Trump’s list of accomplishments.

Trump also never disappoints never a crowd. Ever.

As a key swing state Democratic Senator just found out the hard way.

From The Hill:

President Trump introduced a new nickname for Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) during a rally Thursday night: “Sleepin’ Bob Casey.”

“So Bob Casey, boy isn’t that boring…I’ll start falling asleep,” Trump said at the rally in Casey’s home state.

“Don’t fall asleep as we talk about Sleepin’ Bob,” Trump said, appearing to have come up with the nickname in the moment.

“Sleepin’ Bob, ha! That’s it, Sleepin’ Bob,” he said.

Trump is in the state rallying for Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Pa.), who is challenging Casey for his Senate seat.

Most presidents stay out of the midterms, afraid that they will lose political capital if they back losing candidates.

Not President Trump – he breaks all the political rules and you can take to the bank that the rest will follow his lead.

Or the ones that want to win in the future will mirror Trump’s new style. In other words, even when Trump leaves after two terms he will have changed politics forever.


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