Trump Steps To Podium In Annapolis, Delivers Speech That Will Echo Throughout History (Highlights)

PBS Screenshot

The media has been bashing Trump all year… Trump sells so it is understandable.

They have a higher responsibility as news media to report the truth, but when one well-placed lie about Trump can get millions of views and go viral, it is easy to see why they do it.

That’s not an excuse and Trump himself is well aware of his ability to get ratings.

Today, however, Trump faced no such nonsense. Today, Trump received a well-deserved hero’s welcome from the Naval Academy.

He has done a really good job so far, despite what the media will have you believe.

Trump said (to massive applause):

“Together, you are the tip of the spear, the edge of the blade, and the front of the shield defending and protecting our great country…There is no issue our pilots can’t handle, no hill our Marines can’t take, and there is no stronghold the SEALs can’t breach. There is no sea the Navy can’t brave, and there is no storm the American sailor can’t conquer.”

“You know that together, there is nothing Americans can’t do. Absolutely nothing…Together we struggled, together we strive, together we pray, and together we triumph.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, we have become a lot stronger lately,” he said to applause. “We are not going to apologize for America, we are going to stand up for America. No more apologies. We are going to stand up for our citizens, we are going to stand up for our values and we are going to stand up for our men and women in uniform.”

“Yes, they’re respecting us again…Yes, America is back.”

What a leader!


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