Trump Train gains speed as the Hillary campaign IMPLODES. Holy WOW!! And the first DNC speech hasn’t even happened yet!


Donald Trump’s Trump Train is accelerating faster than ever. The usual postconvention bounce in the polls is one thing but this is off the charts!
At the same time Hillary Clinton’s postconvention bounce may NEVER HAPPEN due to emails released earlier this week by WikiLeaks.

Everyone with two eyes and a brain has known forever that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was really in the Clinton camp despite the fact that the head of the DNC is supposed to be neutral. The emails released by WikiLeaks this week prove that fact beyond a shadow of a doubt. In fact it’s a lot worse than that. The Democratic National Committee has conspired against Bernie Sanders. Going as far as planning to use his religion against him with the voters.
The net effect…. Wasserman Schultz is out as head of the DNC.
But wait! Get this….. She has been named as honorary Co-chair of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. What?? Yes…We’re not kidding!
Well, well, well how could this be?(That’s sarcasm folks!)
What it means is that the number of Bernie fans hopping on the Trump Train just increased threefold! And many of the Democrats slowly having more and more doubts about Hillary Clinton’s ethics and honesty are going to be boarding the Trump Train soon as well.

And of course Mr. Trump isn’t holding back his comments. He’s tweeting up a storm! Please keep him in check Melania. Roll on Trump Train!



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