Trump Walked on Stage in Florida, Told Americans to Sue F*KE NEWS.

source: screenshot Right Side Broadcasting

President Donald Trump took the stage tonight in Pensacola, FL for a campaign style mega-rally.


The event, held at the Pensacola Bay Center is just 16 miles from the Alabama state line. This is important because the Alabama Senate election takes place on Tuesday. You can be sure there are plenty of Alabamians at the rally.

Here is a picture of Richard Arthur Snowden, Trump Mega-fan Gene Huber, and MAGA Fan Club’s Lindsey Michelle in front of the  line in Pensacola to see President Trump.


source: Facebook

Within minutes of taking stage, President Trump mentioned the dishonest media and the ABC’s collosal F*KE NEWS blunder.  He mentioned the stock market collapse caused as suggested that people may want to sue for damages.


** Right Side Broadcasting ROCKS.  They’re not afraid to actually show the crowd.

source: screenshot Right Side BroadcastingAs of this writing, the rally is still going on.  You can watch live or watch the whole rally later at the Right Side Broadcasting Link below.



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