Trump Wins Again As Bitter Luis Gutiérrez Caves On DACA With Filthy Anti-Trump Rant

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I am sure by now you have heard the rumors that the Democrats are going to try to hold the government hostage over DACA.

They have been bellowing to all who would listen that they are fine with a government shutdown unless they get their demands are met on DACA.

Like toddlers, they kick and scream unaware the power they have is just an illusion.

Because the GOP controls all branches of government and as long as they get their act together a spending bill without DACA will pass the House.

The Senate is not nearly as big as a problem because Chuck Schumer won’t shut down the government even if he gets a chance. Which he won’t.

The Democrats in red states will cave and splinter the Democrats coalition on this issue so the House is the real battle.

And according to the one guy who should know, the GOP has the votes.

Speaking to the Hill a dejected Luis Gutiérrez admitted:

“Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.), a leading advocate in the House for passing a bipartisan solution this year for expiring immigration protections, says action in Congress may have to wait until 2018.

“There are 240 Republicans in charge of the House, and a majority of the Senate, and they control the White House. They’re in charge,” Gutiérrez said during an interview for The Hill’s “Power Politics” podcast.”

He knows they got nothing – no power, no shot to stop the GOP from doing whatever they want.

The GOP are no angels and Paul Ryan needs to be kept in check because he already wants to go after Medicare and Social Security which would end the GOP as we know it and doom Trump’s chances in 2020.

But when it comes to sore losers Gutierrez takes the cake. This is what he said about President Trump on the same podcast:

“I think that Trump is the embodiment of every ugly, fascist sentiment that exists in American politics. He’s like the sewer for it all,” Gutiérrez said. “The man lies for a living. He might as well breathe and lie at the same time. It’s almost essential to who he is.”

Boy is that guy bitter.


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