Tucker Carlson Discovers Brutal Way To Expose MSNBC’s Joy Reid For Absolute Fraud She Is (Video)

Source: Screenshot

Tucker Carlson is hitting back at the scandal monger Joy Reid in epic fashion and she absolutely deserves it.

Joy went after Tucker for defending Trump’s immigration position (which a huge majority of Americans agree with) calling him a “white nationalist.”

It is ridiculous on so many levels and Tucker let her have it.

“Reid’s entire public career has been built on race-baiting. … When Joy Reid accuses you of harboring racist thoughts, trust me, it’s projection,” Tucker said.

And he is not wrong either – the left makes a good living off divisive rhetoric no matter the damage they cause to America with their slanderous lies.

He ripped Joy Reid for using political tactics because the left cannot honestly explain their immigration policies, specifically why “the U.S. needs to import millions of additional poor people ” – to the American public without losing the debate.

See Crying Chuck Schumer and his humiliating collapse over DACA.

“Nobody on the left can explain that because there’s no real answer, so they attempt to short-circuit the conversation with slurs.”

Correct. They claim racism when they have no facts to back them up and in doing so expose themselves as the real racists in the process.


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