US Capitol On Lockdown As Two Police Officers Injured After Car Smashes Into Barricade


The U.S. Capitol was put on lockdown after a person tried to ram a car into a barricade on the north side of the building. 

Two U.S. Capitol Police officers were injured when they were struck by the vehicle. The suspect is in custody.

“CRITICAL INCIDENT: USCP is responding to the North Barricade vehicle access point along Independence Avenue for reports someone rammed a vehicle into two USCP officers. A suspect is in custody. Both officers are injured. All three have been transported to the hospital,” the U.S. Capitol Police tweeted.

From The Hill:

The U.S. Capitol went into lockdown on Friday afternoon after a car reportedly crashed into one of the barriers surrounding the complex, injuring two officers.

Capitol Police sent out a notice saying there was an “external security threat.” No one was allowed to enter or leave the building and staff was advised to stay away from doors and windows.

Police said there were reports that a vehicle rammed into two Capitol Police officers, who were injured and transported to the hospital. A suspect is in custody, according to police.


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