(VIDEO) BOOM!! Watch this NOW!! Al Sharpton encouraging young people to KILL “PIGS” and “CRACKERS”!! Watch before they take it down.


When it comes to inciting violence and racial division in the country, Al Sharpton is like a black George Soros without the money and brains. Okay let’s just say that they both love inciting violence and racial conflict and they’re both really wrinkly and leave it at that.(VIDEO BELOW)

Well it turns out that good ole Reverend  Al is not going to honor his promise of moving to Canada if Donald Trump was elected.  Surprise, surprise!  Reverend Al says “That was said in jest. We’re not going anywhere.”   Apparently when he said he was going to pay his $4.5 million in back taxes that was said in jest as well. (VIDEO BELOW)


This 1992 tape has recently surfaced with Al Sharpton encouraging young people to kill police and white people.  However, you will notice that rather than saying police officers Sharpton refers to them as “pigs” refers to white people as “crackers”.

Holy WOW!!! I guess that speaks for itself.  But the sad thing is that 25 years later Sharpton is still encouraging young people to kill police officers but now they are listening to him!! 

SHARE SHARE SHARE this before they take it down!!! There’s one more clip below. 

Sharpton, a Baptist “Reverend” who earns his living preaching hate, creating racial conflict by preaching about bigotry that often-times just is not there and all around race baiting,is going around telling all the news outlets how his “crowd” is going to fight Donald Trump and his “crowd” to protect “what President Obama has accomplished in the last eight years.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Al Sharpton is a National Disgrace, a perfect example of the disintegration of our country and why we get President-Elect Trump so badly.  Thank God for Donald Trump.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Here’s one more.  Sheriff David Clarke calls out Sharpton, Black Lives Matter and Eric Holder for race baiting and contributing to all the violence in this country. 

“I don’t expect a thing intelligent to come out of the mouth of Al Sharpton. We all know that he’s a charlatan. It’s a matter of fact that the next intelligent thing that comes out of his mouth will be the first. Al Sharpton ought to just shut up and go back into the gutter that he came.” 

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.

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