(VIDEO) First Lady causes Liberals to become UNHINGED. The reason will BLOW YOUR MIND!


I know some liberals are not horrible, hateful people, but lately I’m finding that the “decent” ones are getting harder and harder to find. The latest liberal attack on our First Lady, Melania Trump, is just so horrible, I can’t believe it. (VIDEO BELOW)

President Trump held a campaign style rally today in Melbourne, Florida. He decided to bring his message straight to the people, because the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) distorts his message, and lies so much that there is no other way to get the truth out to America! (VIDEO BELOW)

A huge crowd was in the hanger outside of Air Force One, waiting for the President and First Lady to speak.  After an incredible entrance with the marine band playing, and crowd going wild, the President and First Lady made it up to the podium. First Lady, Melania Trump came to the podium to introduce the President, and decided to open up with The Lords Prayer first. She gave a beautiful prayer, and set the tone for an incredible speech and rally.  (VIDEO BELOW)

As it turns out, many Libtards did not see it that way. Many liberals seem to hate God these days, and all of them hate Donald Trump, but the nasty, hateful things they have been saying about the First Lady, and The Lords Prayer are just shocking!!  (VIDEO BELOW)

Here are just a few of the horrible, shocking tweets put out by liberals after the prayer. We have also included the video of the beautiful prayer, and a few of the many, many good tweets about the First Lady’s prayer.  Please WATCH this and SHARE with everyone you know!  Thank!    🙂   (VIDEO BELOW)

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In introducing her husband at his rally in Melbourne, Florida, First Lady Melania Trump opened with the Lord's Prayer. http://bit.ly/2lZ44B1

Posted by Fox News on Saturday, February 18, 2017

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