(VIDEO) HOLY CR*P!! BRAVE Hollywood Actress BASHES Congress’ “Snowflakes” for NOT STANDING and Wearing White!


If you watched TV back it the early 90’s, you probably remember the hit series Northern Exposure, a dramatic comedy set in Alaska. It was one of my favorites. It’s about a recently graduated New York City physician, Dr. Joel Fleischman, who is sent to practice in the town of Cicely, Alaska to fulfill his obligation, after Alaska paid for his medical education.

Shortly after arriving in the small Alaska town, Dr. Fleishman, played by Rob Morrow, meets a very interesting tomboy named Maggie McConnell, played by Janine Turner, with whom he develops a love-hate relationship.

People who are only familiar with Ms. Turner’s role in Northern Exposure, with her hair cut off to look like a boy, may not realize just how beautiful she is. Long before her acting career started, at age 15, she became a fashion model.


First a model, then an actress.  Now, 20 years later, guess what she is?  A conservative. Yes, a conservative, and an author. She must have retired from acting, if she actually admits to being a conservative. Wow! How cool is that? Watch this great interview with Stuart Varney.  




These two despicable Libtards (you know their names) would not even stand for the tribute to the fallen soldier and his window. So sad! 

source: IMDB

“I gave 80 speeches last year in schools, and I think what they’re trying to do, and a lot of then were inner (city) schools, and charter schools, and what President Trump is trying to do with the school systems to lift children in poverty up to a better opportunity is wonderful.”

Janine Turner

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Powe Taylor
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