(VIDEO) Holy WOW!! Ann Coulter is Hopping MAD!! She WON’T BACK DOWN at Berkeley!

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Berkeley University has cancelled conservative best selling author Ann Coulter’s scheduled speech for no reason.  Everyone with half a brain knows the real reason why.  Actually there are two reason’s.  The first reason is that Coulter is conservative .  The second is that the Berkeley students will riot and tear there own school apart.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Berkeley’s faculty and police department usually allow and even encourage their snowflake students to riot, burn things and tear the school appart, but apparently they are not ready to schedule another riot quite yet.  (VIDEO BELOW)

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Ann Coulter (partial transcript)

By the way, I am giving the speech.  I don’t know, what are they going do, arrest me? They can put me in the Birmingham jail! But no, I’m definitely giving the speech.  I was invited to give a speech……

Although the group’s intermediaries kept encouraging me to say “you know this is unfair, they never do this to liberals” I kept saying “nope I’ll do it, yeah okay, okay”. So I agreed to all of their demands and then wake up this morning and they send out a letter saying how much they love the the First Amendment and freedom of speech and they’re so committed to it but we’re just canceling her anyway.

I  love Milo, but I’m not Milo.  I’m a 12-time New York Times bestselling author.  I was writing about or I was planning,  or I WILL be speaking on the topic of my second-to-last New York Times bestseller, registering at number two.

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