(VIDEO) ISIS Meet MOAB-“MOTHER Of All BOMBS” MOAB Meet ISIS! 30 Feet Long and 21,000 Pounds and Ready to BLOW ISIS Apart!

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The Pentagon announced Thursday that US forces in Afghanistan dropped a massive bomb on an Islamic State target in eastern Afghanistan. It was dropped to destroy a cave complex used by ISIS fighters in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan, near the Pakistan border. (VIDEO BELOW)

The bomb the US military used was Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb (MOAB) aka “The Mother of All Bombs.” MOAB is the US military’s largest non-nuclear bomb. This was the first time the MOAB has actually been used in combat. (VIDEO BELOW)

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Just how powerful is this big “mother?” Here is an awesome video describing all of the MOAB’s feature and specs, while highlighting it’s first test launch in 2003.  You may be asking why Obama didn’t use this on ISIS. Obama was weak and scared. Trump is not weak or scared.  It’s that simple.  Please SHARE this if you agree!


*** Obama was afraid to do what was needed to protect our country.  Please SHARE this article if you agree!  (VIDEO BELOW)


The MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS. Here are some facts on the MOAB!

  • The MOAB had never been used in combat until now. It was brought into service in 2008.
  • The MOAB weighs 21,000 pounds.
  • It is the largest non-nuclear weapon in the U.S. arsenal.
  • The MOAB is considered similar to a small nuclear weapon.
  • The first test detonation was confirmed in March 2003.
  • MOAB creates a massive a blast radius stretching a mile in each direction.
  • MOAB is over 30 feet long
  • MOAB is the largest guided bomb in the history of the world

(h/t: Fox News) 

The Crooked Mainstream Media will NOT show this, so SHARE this everywhere Trump fans! We’re running out of time!

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